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The pool is, rightly carries shared joys, relaxation and conviviality. Yet beyond this strong image, the plane problem of security, especially that of young children. Their curiosity and ignorance of the danger makes them more vulnerable to accident. Various systems exist:
• Pool alarms: There are two types:
- Alarms Access: report a crossing of the immediate area surrounding the pool,

1/Appareil composed of two autonomous elements that do not require electrical connection as they work with solar collectors. The central detector, the diver is submerged pipe is installed beside the pool, the outdoor siren is set around the pool. The sensor analyzes the gravitational wave created by the impact of a falling body in the water and sends a signal to the siren that sounds at least 7 seconds after the impact.

2 / perimeter alarm function is to prevent any intrusion in the immediate area of ​​the basin. Consists of a laser transmitter and receiver and four relay mirrors and reflectors, it creates four beams forming a rectangle, modifiable on demand. If the radius is exceeded, an alarm will sound to alert you immediately and you can remove the child or animal adventure. - Alarms Submerged: detect the fall of a body immersed in the bassin.Le sensor detects a falling body and triggers a shrill alarm. The radio receiver used to transmit the alarm inside the house. Its installation requires no electrical connection.

• The barriers sécuritéAvec shelter, shutters and safety covers, barriers are part of the passive fall prevention for young children in the water. There are many models for those around the pools, but it is possible to carry out its own barrier function of the environment. Be careful, however, should not replace the vigilance and close monitoring of children who do not know nager.Les different types of barriers:

1/The mesh panels woven green or black pegs are mounted on anodized aluminum, which sink into the holes in the pavement. The opening is done by a panel down, so there is no door that closed and we believe that is simply pushed.
2/Clôture safety panels composed of PVC-coated polyester UV treated, connected by anodized aluminum poles. These posts are fixed in the pavement beside the pool. The fence thus achieved (1.05 m high) is perfectly tight and strong. Few minutes to disassemble.
3/Blancs, blue or green, these panels of polyester fibers coated with PVC bind to aluminum poles. They can be laid, bolted to the ground, planted in the ground or sealed, depending on the chosen foot. The gate can be equipped with two double locks and locks automatically when it is closed.
4/De different colors and different heights, there are also metal fences that can adapt to each environment. The top panel ends with a guardrail to be nice to the touch.
5/Poteaux plastic and steel panels are securely attached together by plastic cable ties. The posts are available in seal and on base, screw or glue. This barrier is available in five heights from 63 to 203 cm.6/Garde-corps or barrier can be broken down many models: aluminum, is available with bars or panels of wood, aluminum or glass. Four rails and 200 different colors to customize the barrier. • Covers piscinesLa watershed protection can be achieved using a blanket, if it meets certain criteria, (or cover with a slatted frame cross tube). They must, when in place, the weight of one or more children and be easy to install to avoid any temptation to postpone the operation at another time CAUTION: coverage called "bubble" floating water, has no character to prevent, on the contrary.

• Components automatiquesAussi effective in summer than in winter but more expensive, the shutters are made of hollow plastic strips that wrap around an axis automatically hidden in a box. Although their constitution allows them to support the weight of a person, they are not meant to be transformed into a playground! • The shelters piscinesLes shelter offered by manufacturers are structures specially adapted for covering outdoor ponds. They can find during the summer, in part or in full, the outdoor pool that you have chosen. By prohibiting access to the pool, they also play a significant role in security. Their implementation does not require major work, but simply setting the elements on the beaches or curbs. Several types of shelters are available on the market, in standard or custom achievements.

• And finally, vests and shirts can improve the safety of young children around swimming pools: - The swimwear armbands are very popular. The principle is simple: arm bands are integrated into the shirt so that the child is not hampered in his movements, either in water or around the pool. - The vest has two pockets full of chips floating Lycra. These are distributed on either side of the body and removed for a smooth learning to swim. Shoulders, arms, hips and legs are free to move, allowing it to develop the dynamics of the gesture engine.

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