Friday, August 12, 2011

Life flow smoothly with the teaching of the Lord Buddha Dhamma

The following Articles have been printed on the Thai newspaper called Daily News every Wednesday. My intention is to talk about the teaching of the Lord Buddha - the way I have absorbed and understand it. After my first article was printed, there was a request coming. A reader wanted to show the article to her foreigner friends to read. She believed that they might be very useful for them to understand "Dhamma" [The teaching of the Lord Buddha] much better.

Therefore, I determined to translate them by myself, though my English is not quite good. It's only understandable. So forgive my weak English.

When talking about Dhamma, most people would shake their head and said “Boring, it is very difficult, it is out of date or It is for those who enjoy studying Bhuddhism, not for us” or “It is for a monk and a Buddhist nun only, not for a layman like us” “We are not the old men who are waiting for passing away, we are still full of ambition and aspiration.” And so on.

But. from the one who has been studied Dhamma for sometimes, studying and practicing Dhamma is not difficult at all.

[Because Dhamma is the fact occurring naturally around us. It is the eternal truth. It is the truth of the nature. … It doesn’t matter how millions life one has been reborn again and again, one couldn’t learn all of those natural things happening in the transmigration. The circle of life will end when one gets bored of rebirthing and try to find the way out, which is going into the state of Nirvana. [Nirvana is the place where there is the extinction of the fires of greed, of hatred, ignorance, all defilements and suffering. It is the Supreme Final Goal of Buddhism.]]

Following the teaching of the Lord Buddha is as simple as eating rice [taking your meal], breathing, going to a toilet and so on. Would you believe that it is easier than trying to survive in these days of living. Moreover, believe it or not, It doesn’t matter what religious you are in, you can be happy by practicing the dhamma.

In the morning, as soon as you open your eyes, just give yourself a little more times. Then, follow your breathing… in and out. Don’t expect anything, don’t try to know anything, don’t have any questions… just see… See how the breathing starts and where it stops. Follow the wind starting from your nose, flowing pass your chest and ending at your stomach. Just look at it calmly. Don’t control your breathing, let it go naturally. After you have done this way correctly for sometimes, your breathing will get slower and calmer. You will feel much relax and peaceful.

Now go on to the next step, think of the Buddha image that you belove most or the holy Buddhist monk whom you respect with your whole heart. [The one who isn’t a Buddhist, feel free to think of your god or your religious founder.] You could think of their figure or their method of reaching their goal. Try to maintain the state of thinking [or anyone who can see the picture insight, try looking at it calmly.] Do it as long as you can. Until you feel delight inside.

Next, think of the most happinest time you have ever had. Think of the freshness time you have ever touch. Think of the most peaceful time you have ever feel. Think of good things happening in your life. Think of good wishes, love, fondness you have ever taken and given.

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