Sunday, September 4, 2011

Renal failure in non-lethal sensitivity Causes and treatment.

Renal failure caused by loss of kidney function. Unable to secrete And waste from the body. Cause loss of balance. And blood poisoning. Patients will have symptoms, nausea, fatigue, absorb and finally died.

Renal failure with a second acute renal failure, which temporarily Can be recovered back. Served again. Has healed. And chronic The permanent loss of kidney function. Can not do it anymore.

The cause of many chronic renal failure can be treated with some. And prevent decay. Or slowing the deterioration of renal function. If you do not immediately treat the cause that these Renal function will gradually decline until the end stage renal failure.

Renal disease. Whether caused by any Finally, to address causes female Red (Uremia) the same cause anemia and swelling, fatigue, absorbed into the consciousness and seizures. The body does not exist. If the renal excretion of waste does not work. But patients do not despair with the knowledge and new technologies. Physicians to treat patients with renal failure. To live a reasonable quality.
Chronic renal failure caused by what?

Renal disease. Not caused by one However, a condition that Diseases caused by many things. Common causes include diabetes is the disease for more than 15 years, high blood pressure for a long time Chronic kidney disease. Stone is a common cause in Thai.
Renal disease treatment to cure me?

When chronic kidney functions. Renal function will decline ever. Until renal atrophy Can not be cured as normal. But we can slow the deterioration of renal function. By reducing food protein And blood pressure control. That in normal
Renal disease can be prevented me?

The cause of many chronic renal failure. Can be prevented, such as diabetes control. And high blood pressure as well. Can reduce the incidence of chronic renal failure. Many types of nephritis can be treated. And renal function was reserved. If treated early. Due to renal disease incurable. But may be prevented. Detection of kidney disease. And since the initial treatment. It is very important in preventing kidney failure. It is regrettable that Some patients with kidney disease, different treatment at all. Cause kidney failure and died so quickly.
How do I know if my kidney disease?

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